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Haflinger Breeding stallions

Purebreed Tyrolean Haflinger

Quality rating “liz.”: Licensed Tyrolean Haflinger cover stallion

As early as 1945, the functionaries of the Tyrolean Haflinger Breeding Association knew that it was absolutely necessary to make stallion breeding a top priority. Successful, forward-looking and above all genetically secure horse breeding is possible only by means of regulated selection criteria for stallion candidates, strict yet necessary selection, and the joint breeding of the purebred Tyrolean Haflinger stallions.
This breeding and selection system, which has been developed and applied by the Tyrolean Haflinger Breeding Association for decades, is certainly unique, and one of the strictest in the world, guaranteeing the genetic pool of all seven bloodlines to the exclusion of any “uniquely bred products” among the Haflinger breed.

What does the quality rating “liz.” Licensed Tyrolean Haflinger stallion mean?

The rating seal liz. Tirol guarantees lineage from absolute pure breeding, from genetically secured female and male lines. It stands for top Haflinger stallions that stand out as a result of 2 ½ years of natural herding, with impeccable social behaviour, strength of character, good nature, performance capacity and willingness.
The rating liz. Tirol guarantees robust stallion breeding with at least 40% grazing on the mountain pasture in every weather.
It promises a multiple, strict selection by horse specialists. The careful and intensive preparation, in various different partial tests, for the stallion selection is mandatory, just like the internationally recognised 30-day station test, with concluding performance test, which is prescribed for all 3-4 year-old liz./T stallions.

No other country or nation has such or similar quality criteria for stallion breeding. For this reason, the licensed Tyrolean cover stallions from the Fohlenhof Ebbs are something very special. The rating sea liz. Tirol guarantees this.

Breeding stallions

Name of stallion Born Father Covering station
liz.200/T Abendstern 1995 liz.101/T Amadeus Ebbs
liz.491/T Abitte 2012 liz.200/T Abendstern Zams
liz.473/T Adrin 2010 liz.150/T Alpenstein Längenfeld
liz.503/T Almkönig 2013 liz.281/T Almquell Hohenems
liz.515/T Alpenblick 2014 liz.150/T Alpenstein Osttirol
liz.471/T Amerigo 2010 liz.390/T Alphonso Ebbs
liz.511/T Amoroso 2014 lit.473/T Adrin Weer
liz.487/T Belando 2011 liz.238/T Barkas Ötztal-Bahnhof
liz.373/T Bergdorf 2005 liz.270/T Buchberg Ebbs
liz.455/T Maigold 2009 liz.207/T Mahatma Ebbs
liz.517/T Mirado 2009 liz.455/T Maigold Kematen
liz.483/T Narkas 2011 liz.370/T Nikora Ötztal-Bahnhof
liz.494/T Newcomer 2012 liz.295/T Novembernebel Ebbs
liz.504/T Nordlicht 2013 liz.451/T Nostalgie Kuchl
liz.451/T Nostalgie 2009 liz.181/T Nordtirol Pfunds
liz.295/T Novembernebel 2001 liz.181/T Nordtirol Ebbs
liz.410/T Sevruga 2007 liz.335/T Salzmann Ebbs
liz.519/T Sonnwendstein 2014 liz.410/T Sevruga Pfunds
liz.350/T Stainz 2004 liz.201/T Standschütz Ebbs
liz.201/T Standschütz 1995 liz.122/T Starkenbach Schwendau
liz.482/T Sterndal 2011 liz.411/T Stilton Hohenems
liz.472/T Sternwächter 2010 liz.350/T Stainz Weer
liz.411/T Stilton 2007 liz.266/T Straden Ötztal-Bahnhof
liz.510/T Stratos 2014 liz.411/T Stilton Längenfeld
liz.513/T Sturmkönig 2014 liz.350/T Stainz Reutte
liz.412/T Walzertraum 2007 liz.280/T Wolfgang Zams
liz.500/T Winterzauber 2013 liz.412/T Walzertraum Ebbs
liz.481/T Wulkan 2011 liz.412/T Walzertraum Kematen