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liz.541/T Stracato

Haflinger Breeding stallion

If you had to describe the stallion Stracato in three terms, these terms would be: modern, noble and strong in movement. His head radiates nobility and shows the necessary lightness of the nape. The neck is long, well-shaped and well-placed; the shoulder section with long upper arm and elbow room matches to a “T”; his back is taut with a good transition to the long, muscled hind quarters. The dry limbs with faultless positioning round out the harmonious overall picture of the stallion. Stacato always presents a diligent, rhythmically consistent walk, a spirited, ground covering trot and a strong canter with a clearly visible “uphill trend” – a very modern stallion from the ST line.



  • 2016

  • P17989/T Orchidea

  • liz.472/T Sternwächter

  • Lechner* Josef, Angerberg

  • 153 cm

  • Haflinger Hengstkörung 2019

  • Hohenems

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Any questions?
Any questions?

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