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liz.571/T Westwind

Haflinger Breeding stallion

Westwind is an excellent, highly modern young stallion featuring many riding horse points. Starting with his throat latch that gives him lots of flexibility in the nape up to the well-positioned, tapered neck. His assets include a pronounced withers, optimally positioned shoulder section with a long, well-angled upper arm and the necessary elbow room. His limbs are fine and dry and in the correct position. Gait correctness in the movement sequences is absolutely flawless, and his gait quality in all three basic gaits is excellent.



  • 2018

  • 19118/T Madely

  • liz.500/T Winterzauber

  • Rauth Hermann, Leutasch

  • 154

  • Zams

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Any questions?
Any questions?

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