Breeding Success

The greatest breeding success of the Haflinger Breeders' Association Tyrol is each and every Haflinger in the whole breeding region because since 1946 through pure breeding in Tyrol the Haflinger breed has been re-bred from the small, stocky post war horse that was randomly bred to a modern and elegant leisure horse with the desired size and colour. Another succes of the Tyrolean breeders is the spread of the Haflinger from Tyrol to the whole world and that from this breeding region Haflingers could be sold to over 60 states on all continents and hence in every climate. This puts an end to the discussions on where the origins of the Haflinger were, namely Tyrol. At the time when the breed was started South, East and North Tyrol were one during the imperial Austrian monarchy. They were separated after the first World War resulting in a stagnation in the development of the Haflinger. Only after 1946 did the Haflinger Breeders' Association Tyrol at Fohlenhof Ebbs continue the successful develoment of the world breed throughout the world. The achievement of today's model and the spread of the breed throughout the world are the two greatest successes of the Haflinger Breeders's Association Tyrol.    .

Horses from the Haflinger Breeders' Association Tyrol, either owned by them or bought from them, dominate all important breeding events in the world. At almost every show in the different countries there are typical models with a lot of movement and at the same time charm from Tyrolean or from stallions from the association's stud farm Fohlenhof Ebbs. Especially these have positively influenced and changed whole breeding areas within only one generation. Of course we shouldn't forget  the mares and more than 100 fillys in almost 50 years of auctions have decisively influenced the world Haflinger breeding from the female side. 

Since the beginning of the World and European shows, which take place every five years, horses from the Tyrolean Association have won all of them with stallions and mares. The different champion horses were not only convincing in their looks but also had good results in the tests, were successful at many tournaments and have proved their purebredness and genetic security with their offspring who in turn also became world champions. Success at shows in young horses has shown in turn igood models in the offspring. There are no randomly selected horses amongst show winners in Tyrol. Consequential breeding and tough selection instead of mass production were the foundation.                 



The first World Champion stallion in 1990 was 1338 Afghan II; today he can look back on 1,500 coverings and offspring in the whole world. In the same year the mare Penny was champion mare and one of her daughters was Show Champion at Wipptal this year.

In 1994 the first European show took place in Luxembourg. There the mare  Rimalda from the Tyrolean breeding region won and then dominated with her offspring the next two World Shows, amongst others with class champions.

In 1995 the son of Afghan, liz.101/T Amadeus first successor became world champion. Also he has had more than 1,500 coverings and his offspring dominated the World Show 2005 with the most class champions and 1A horses. Again here Mare Show Champion was Rimalda.


In 1998 at the Haflinger European show in Luxembourg liz.200/T Abendstern won for the first time and then subsequently all large shows until 2008. Also his offspring were successful, amongst them European Champion mare, Aisha. At this European show there were 199 Haflinger from 10 nations, 17 from Tyrol amongst them 11 class champions and 5 reserve champions. Show Champion mare was Dorata whose daughter was Show Champion mare at the World Show in 2005 in the young mare class. 

In Jahr 2000 liz.200/T Abendstern became world champion for the first time and Dorata after her win at the European show became World Champion mare.  For the first time two full blood siblings became show winners. 

In 2003 at the Haflinger European show liz.200/T Abendstern was again successful, champion mare was the full blood sister of Dorata and Abendstern, the mare Dematteo. Afterwards these two then won the World show in 2005. A continuity in type and model, not only at shows, but over years proves the quailty of Tyrolean horses. 

Since 1990 the Haflinger World Show has always been a highlight in the presentation of the breed. 1,000 Haflinger horses make this event the largest breed show in the world and further proof the quality of the purebred Haflinger as a world horse breed.


But also in the last few decades Tyrolean Haflinger champions have dominated in all breeding regions of the world, whether in Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, Luxembourg, Great Britain, USA or many more. Also the highest number of coverings by the most famous stud stallions in Germany were made by stallions of Tyrolean heritage. In the pictures below you can see Allacher, National Champion in the Netherlands and Belgium, Antinor, the most famous stud stallion in Italy, Apetlon from France and Nottinghill from Germany. Lastly the National Champions of Luxembourg, Newlook and Amtsrat.  



In all breeding regions original purebred Tyrolean Haflingers are famous for their world class and guaranteed quality. Champions from Tyrol are a matter of course and therefore Ebbs is considered to be the world centre for Haflingers.  The selection of the Tyrolean stallions in regard to quality, size, colour and fertility etc. is responsible for the fact that breeding is not random but rather a breeding policy over generations. Another guarantee for success is that the stallions are not only prepared over years for selection, specially fed and trained but also grow up together in the herd until the day of selection. Not dazzlers that get worse daily but stallions at the beginning of their development and who continually improve, they are the stallions from Tyrol.