Fohlenhof Ebbs

When the Tyrolean Breeders' Association was restructured after the 2nd World War in 1947, a stallion breeding farm for the Tyrolean Haflinger breed was setup in the castle Wagrein in Ebbs to guarantee a central, professional breeding of young stallions. One of the main aims of the Tyrolean Association was breeding improvement and development. These basic prerequisites could only be achieved by pure association structured stallion breeding, at that time still in conjunction with the Republic of Austria. The stallion breeding farm that bred annually approx. 25 young stallions from all 7 blood lines was the foundation.

In the following years a part of the castle farm Wagrein was bought and converted. This extending and modernising continued and very soon a new field of activity for the Fohlenhof Ebbs became apparent from a breeding and economic point of view making an expansion of the facilites necessary. Already at the beginning of the fifties the 30 ha stallion pasture was bought and since then also the high pasture with a further approx. 50 ha has been permanently leased. To date about 10 ha have been bought at the Fohlenhof Ebbs which are used exclusively for paddocks and buildings. During this time the leased stable building has become today an internationally recognised horse centre. The leased stable building of 1947 has in the meantime been bought and a few years later the second central building was bought where now the mares, the museum and a riding hall are situated. At the end of the sixties a young stallion pen was built for approx. 50 young stallions. At the beginning of the seventies followed the large riding hall and a new stud stallion stable. In 1975 a hotel was built that today serves as the adminstrative centre of the Tyrolean Haflinger Breeders' Association and the World Haflinger Federation and where still today a holiday can be spent in several holiday apartments directly at the stud. In the eighties the young stallion pen was extended and additional paddocks were bought. In 1993 the arena with 3,500 seats was built and since then the complete interior of the stables have been renovated.


As owner of the Fohlenhof Ebbs the Tyrolean Haflinger Breeders' Association is trying in conjunction with all breeders in their region to affiliate the stallion breeding farm into a stud, to be able to control and target breeding and is today a showcase horse farm at an international standard with Tyrolean flair.         


Fohlenhof Ebbs

Today Fohlenhof Ebbs is not only the global centre of Haflinger breeding but also through its development from the oldest still active Haflinger stud in the world to the most famous stud in Austria it is of international importance in the entire horse breeding sector.
Along with approx. 50 stud mares Fohlenhof Ebbs also has the largest stud station in Austria with approx. 400 coverings a year, with stallions from all 7 blood lines, naturally with exclusively purebreds with up to a 20 generation Haflinger histroy.

The rise to a modern riding and driving centre took place with the construction of 2 riding halls, a driving area with internationally recognised obstacles and 2 outside areas. Since the end of the sixties there have always been riding and driving instructors at the stud and already at the beginning of the seventies the first champion titles in riding were achieved. In the driving sector the history goes from the openeing of the "Europabrücke" with a four-in-hand from Fohlenhof to FEI World Championship 1998 for one-horse carriages. In the last few years Fohlenhof has also gained an international reputation as performance test centre. Also every year the Tyrolean Association Champoinships in riding and driving are held at the association's stud Fohlenhof Ebbs.

Since 1961 every year on the last Saturday in September there is a large filly auction at Fohlenhof Ebbs with buyers from at least 10 different nations.  

A Haflinger and carriage museum that was opened to the public over the years shows the history of the Haflinger, with exhibits from the farming sector, numerous picture documentations, many carriages and sledges as well as trophies and prizes from several decades.

There are approx. 120 Haflingers in the stables, both mares and stallions, amongst them many World and European champions.

The World Centre of the Haflinger breed

Today Fohlenhof Ebbs is the world centre of the Haflinger breed, due to its more than 60 year traditon as a Haflinger stud, but especially to the residence of the Tyrolean Association that with its breeding direction gives the worldwide breeding objective and with the horses on the stud shows and proves it on living animals. The monthly highlights in the Haflinger scene, such as assessments, auctions, stallion and mare elite shows, stud book entries, tournaments

performance tests etc. are just as important as the weekly events such as shows on Friday evenings or the daily possibilty to visit, where purebred Haflinger can be seen as stud horses or during work as recreational horses.