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The Day of the Colts

The Day of the Colts
The Day of the Colts

12.10.2019Stallions Presentation, Mountain-Meadow Homecoming Festival und Haflinger Stallions Mountain-Meadow Homecoming more

The Tyrolean Haflinger

A living Tyrolean cultural asset

Tiroler Haflinger Edelweiß

The Haflinger horse has its origins in Tyrol. Thanks to a clever breeding policy and targeted marketing measures, the Tyrolean Haflinger Breeding Association has ensured the worldwide distribution of the breed. The “Haflinger” has become a Tyrolean cultural treasure and an ambassador for the country. Today, Haflinger horses from Tyrol are at home on all continents.

The primary breeding area of the association is in Tyrol and in Vorarlberg and Salzburg. Today, more than 1,000 breeders are supported from Ebbs. The association’s breeding events are a great audience attraction and therefore a significant economic factor for the region.