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Haflinger Horses for sale

horses for sale

Tyrolean Haflinger Breeding Association

Verkaufspferde Verband

Name Born Gender Father Mother Training
19979/T Dallas 2013 mare liz.390/T Alphonso 18752/T Dianna
Ulrike 2019 mare liz.471/T Amerigo L19838/T Lenja
PL17820/T Manuela 2001 mare liz.201/T Standschütz PL16298/T Memora ridden and driven
19845/T Walina 2012 mare liz.266/T Straden 15909/T Waldfee little experience in riding
19488/T Neraida 2010 mare liz.234/T Anselazio PL8555/T Nikoletta leisure horse for experienced riders
Maidara 2019 mare liz.534/T Shifu 19047/T Maitraum
Nora 2018 mare liz.472/T Sternwächter 19657/T Nalani
Maila 2017 mare liz.373/T Bergdorf 19047/T Maitraum
20617/T Indira 2017 mare liz.472/T Adrin 20042/T Ivona Double lunge, saddle used, Equikinetic
20659/T Macbeth 2017 mare liz.471/T Amerigo PL17420/T Mampsy
Miriam 2018 mare liz.410/T Sevruga L19475/T Maylea
19337/T Mabea 2009 mare liz.370/T Nikora L18174/T Millica
20449/T Luisiana 2016 mare liz.266/T Straden 18766/T Letizia
20175/T Elina 2014 mare liz.293/T Newstyle PE15844/T Evory Basic training riding and driving
20579/T Mylin 2013 mare liz. 451/T Nostalgie PL19176/T Myrenda ridden and driven