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Riding and driving lessons

Since the end of the 1950s – and thus for well over 50 years - Fohlenhof Ebbs has also been a famous riding and driving operation. At first the Fohlenhof was also called the Association Riding and Driving School, but for many years it has been known generally as Fohlenhof Ebbs, although the tradition is being kept alive, with the stud employing the most professionally qualified riding and driving staff in all of western Austria. In the past our trainers have one countless championship titles, indeed well over 20 such titles have been won since the 1970s. Our experienced trainers are available all year round both to train the horses in riding and driving as well as the riders and drivers themselves.

We offer many types of horse training, which is limited exclusively to purebred Haflingers, in accordance with the principles of the Tyrolean association, from breaking-in and the first steps in carriage-drawing to basic training in riding and driving, or the preparation and completion of a test under the provisions of the World Haflinger Breeding and Sports Federation (HWZSV), known as the Haflinger Aptitude Test.

In the area of riding, group or private lessons are available in dressage and jumping, while beginners are generally taught in individual lessons, led by the longe rein. However, as we are also a large stud, which is visited by many, it is also possible for the little ones to take part in a guided kids’ tour. Furthermore, there are intensive riding courses that run from Tuesday to Saturday, with practical and theoretical lessons, categorised according to ability, whereby beginners are naturally taught individually on the longe. In addition, each participant also gets a horse to take care of, providing an insight into the daily work involved with horses. Fohlenhof Ebbs is also the largest riding club in the Tyrolean Riding and Driving Association, and as such we conduct exams for riding certificates, riding pins and licenses.

Price list - Riding

Riding lessons (prior arrangement requested) Price per person
100-point card (non-transferrable) € 200,00
1 Private lesson - dressage (1 Person) € 50,00
1 Private lesson - dressage (2-3 Persons) € 40,00
1 Basic lesson - Introduction to the handling of horses including horse care, bridle, saddle up and first basics in riding. € 50,00
1 Beginner lesson (with or without longe) € 28,00
1 Group lesson - dressage € 25,00
1 Guided children’s riding € 10,00
1 Riding course (weekly course) € 330,00

1 Group lesson / Private lesson - 50 minutes
1 Beginner lesson - 25 minutes

Riding is possible only by prior registration!
Our minimum requirement for all riders: long trousers and sturdy, closed footwear.
Riding lessons are possible for children from the age of 8 - the intensive riding course for children from the age of 10.

We also offer training for horses in driving, from the first stages to basic training or preparation for tests. Drivers can be trained by us, in carriages drawn by either one, two or four horses. Naturally we also run driving courses and there are annual events at which to attain the Austrian Driving Badge or a license. There are wide-ranging training opportunities for carriage driving in all disciplines.

Price list Driving

Driving lessons (prior arrangement) Price
1 Driving lesson - carriage drawn by 1 or 2 horses € 60,00
1 carriage trip (up to 4 persons) € 60,00 + 6,00 per extra passenger

Fohlenhof Ebbs is also a Fena training centre. Riding and driving lessons, as well as coach and carriage rides can be booked daily except Mondays all year round, prior registration only. Riding lessons for beginners are always held in the small hall, while the large riding hall is used for other lessons. The arena also serves as an open-air venue for lessons in dressage and jumping, as well as for one-horse carriages. The driving course with obstacles is located directly on the grounds of the stud.

50 years of tradition in riding and driving, with thousands of trained Haflingers all over the world, speak a very clear language. Moreover, the trust placed by young and old riders and drivers in the Fohlenhof training centre proof of the continuity and quality of the lessons and, above all, of the training horses. The youngest riders and jumpers are 4 years old, and our oldest regular rider in the club is already almost 85 years old. Thorough training, qualified staff and excellently trained horses are standard at Fohlenhof Ebbs.