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Breeding Success

Tyrolean Haflinger Horse Breeders Association

The largest breeding success of the Tyrolean Haflinger Horse Breeders Association is every horse throughout the whole association area, because since 1946 it has developed into a modern and elegant leisure horse. Anotherbreeding success of the Tyrolean breeders is to disseminate the Haflinger of Tyrol throughout the world. The Haflinger horse has been sold into over 60 countries, to all the continents and thus also into all climates. However, the origin of the Haflinger horse, which in today’s discussions is often misunderstood, is without question Tyrol. At the origin of the breed, in the KuK Monarchy of Austria, South Tyrol, East Tyrol and North Tyrol were all one. The separation took place after the WWI and so the development of the Haflinger was suspended. The Tyrolean Haflinger HorseBreeders Association successfully continued to develop into the world known horse from 1946 onwards. Reaching the present breed as well as the dissemination of the Haflinger breed throughout the world are the two biggest achievements of the Tyrolean Haflinger Horse Breeders Association.

Horses owned by Tyrolean breeders, or horses sold from Tyrol dominate all the major breeding events in the world. In almost every show in the various countries of the world are charming horses with that have been bred in Tyrol or that stem from stallions from the Fohlenhof in Ebbs. Especially the stallions have influenced and changed the entire breeding areas positively in only one generation. But of course also the mares have significantly influenced the breed with over 100 fillies each year over almost 50 years of auctions.

The World- and European exhibitions which take place every five years have been won by mares and stallions from the Tyrolean Association. But the different winning horses have not only impressed with their looks, but also with their excellent performance tests and being successful in many tournaments. Successes of the young horses at shows have shown subsequently great models of the offspring. The basis for all this is a systematic breeding work and a difficult selection process.

The first world champion in 1990 was the stallion 1338 Afghan II, who has got 1.500 descendants around the world. In the same year the mare Penny became Champion Mare and one of her daughters was the overall winner Mare of the Show in Wipptal this year.

In 1994 the first European Haflinger show was held in Luxembourg, where the mare Rimalda from the Tyrolean farming area won. Her offspring dominated the following two world exhibitions, several of whom were class winners.

In 1995, the Afghan-son liz. 101/T Amadeus became world champion, following the footsteps of his father. He has also got over 1500 descendants and his offspring dominated the Haflinger World Exhibiton 2005 with the most class winners and Ia horses. The overall Champion Mare was Rimalda.

The European Haflinger Show in Luxembourg in 1998 was won for the first time by liz.200/T Abendstern who then consistently won at all major shows until 2008. He can also impress with his offspring, who have also won several competitions including the European champion mare Aisha. In this European show were 199 Haflingers from 10 nations, 17 came from the Tyrol, including 11 class winnersand 5 Class Reserve Champion. The Overall Champion Mare was Dorata whose daughter was the Overall Champion Mare at the World Exhibition in the young mare category in 2005.

In 2000 liz.200/T Abendstern was for the first time World Champion, and Dorata, after her victory at the European Championship, was World Champion Mare. For the first time two siblings were the overall winning horses.

At the 2003 European Haflinger Show liz.200/T Abendstern was again successful, Champion Marewas the sister of Dorata and Abendstern, the mare Dematteo. These two also won the Haflinger World Exhibition in 2005. Consistency inthe breed, not only at a show, but over the years, are evidence of the quality of the Tyrolean horses.

Since 1990 the Haflinger World Exhibitions has always been a highlight in the presentation of the breed. 1000 Haflinger horses make this event the biggest breed show in the world, a further proof of the quality of the purebred Haflinger horsesas an international breed.