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Invitation to perform at World Show

Haflinger World Show

Every five years, the Haflinger Breeders' Association Tyrol organises a grand Haflinger World Show at the Fohlenhof Ebbs stud farm – and the next edition is just around the corner!
From 03rd to 06th June 2021, the latest Haflinger World Show will unite some 650 horses from 18 countries on the centre stage of Haflinger breeding – alongside a 20,000-strong crowd of high-profile experts, horse aficionados and curious visitors.

The schedule is filled to the brim with fun, thrills and insights on all kinds of horse breeding topics including a horse fair and a wide range of accompanying events and entertainment. And to top it all off, an international Haflinger show programme will be held every night at the Fohlenhof Arena, which holds some 3,500 fans – a razzle-dazzle highlight of this already splendid Haflinger festival.
In a 90-minute spectacle, some 15-18 acts will put on a rich, varied and colourful show. The following criteria apply:

  • All horses must be registered Haflinger horses equipped with a valid certificate of vaccination.
  • We are looking for routines/patterns typical for the performers' country/nation of origin including traditional clothing, accessories, uniforms etc.
  • Ideally, the act should include special features portraying heritage, customs and classics e.g. showcasing traditional work with Haflinger horses etc.
  • Duration: 3-5 minutes per act.
  • Only conventional horse-gear, bits, saddles, bridles, harnesses, equipment and accessories may be used for the performances.
  • The horses' safety must be guaranteed at all times: No harm must come to the animals by an exaggerated use of equipment and accessories, by sharp bits or equipment and by rough or improper handling.
  • The total surface available is 30 x 50 m, which can however be narrowed down to a smaller size for individual acts (e.g. 20 x 40 m).
  • All applications must be submitted by xx March 2021 together with a list of all persons and horses featured and an original video recording at
  • Each participant will be provided with a badge for admission and meals.
  • Horses can be accommodated in box stalls (roughage included).
  • Participation is free of charge and unremunerated.
  • All participants take part at their own risk.
  • The host is not liable for any damage whatsoever to third parties.

For more information, please visit or contact us at or +43 5373 42210. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. We look forward to your application. In the meantime, all the very best in preparing for the tournament!
Best regards from the Fohlenhof Ebbs stud farm,