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The Tyrolean Haflinger Stallion Selection 2021 will become an online event due to Covid-19

Traditionally, the most promising three-year-old young stallions of the Haflinger Horse Breeding Association in Tyrol are licensed on the first weekend in February at Fohlenhof Ebbs. The recently extended lockdown with the associated restrictions of the federal government of Austria unfortunately currently does not allow any events with spectators.

For this reason, the Haflinger Horse Breeding Association Tyrol will for the first time broadcast a breeding event, unfortunately completely without visitors on site, but online in a live stream via the website of the Haflinger Horse Breeding Association Tyrol, the Facebook page of the Haflinger Horse Breeding Association Tyrol and via the horse channel clip my horse.

One week in advance we will publish the exact schedule of the sub-competitions via our channels.

You don't have time on this day, but you are still interested?
After the event, the HPT will permanently publish a video clip with the presentation of all stallions and competitions for you.

For the Haflinger Horse Breeding Association Tyrol, however, the natural rearing and keeping of horses is also particularly important. This is how the young stallions present themselves as nature in Tyrol envisages for this time of year, in winter fur. Although they have received their first stallion boxes side by side since December, they are still in the paddock together every day in the natural herd group. The near-natural rearing, in which we give our stallions the time they need, has been consciously lived at Fohlenhof Ebbs since 1947! What we get are healthy stallions of strong character, which even many breeders and connoisseurs do not recognize when they return to the foal farm for the stallion performance test six months later.

We need to specifically point this out, as we will not shake this guiding principle for the benefit of our Tyrolean Haflinger horses. Even after more than 50 years we deliberately remain true to this Tyrolean way and proudly present our most promising stallion candidates of all 7 bloodlines in Winterfell according to the season. Our horses thank us and the connoisseurs recognize the quality and the potential of the horses. Nature doesn't make mistakes, because the robustness and the natural adaptation of the horses to the seasons is a unique strength of our Tyrolean Haflinger horses.

If young stallions do not pass the strict selections, they are laid and sold at the earliest after they have completed basic training in riding and driving. If you are interested in a special character horse & leisure partner, contact the Fohlenhof Ebbs immediately.