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Tyrolean Haflinger Stallion Selection

2rd February 2020 | 9 am

Traditionally on the first week-end of each February, the most promising young three year-old stallions of the Tyrolean Haflinger Breeding Association are selected at Fohlenhof Ebbs.

Before a young Tyrolean Haflinger stallion is allowed to appear at the association selection, he must already have successfully passed a number of selection stages. The preparation of the young animals is very varied: All stallions are brought into perfect condition by the Fohlenhof team – they are ridden in, harnessed and driven with a single carriage. The young stallions are also subjected to a breeding fitness examination, to establish whether they are suitable for natural breeding.

From 9.00 a.m. the young stallions are presented to the commission. The strict selection is also the guarantee for sustainable breeding progress in the breeding of Tyrolean Haflingers. So we can really look forward once again to an exciting event.

Impressions of the Tyrolean Haflinger Stallion Selection 2019