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liz.503/T Almkönig

Haflinger Breeding stallion

The exterior of the stallion Almkönig features many riding horse points, starting with the well-placed long neck with lots of flexibility in the nape, to withers reaching far into the back, up to the precise positioning of the limbs that allow him to perform diligent and spirited movements in all basic gaits. His outstanding “inner qualities”, i.e. his interior, are also striking. So riding students like him because, in his good-naturedness, he forgives many a mistake. In show programmes, by contrast, the stallion presents strong nerves when hitched to a sulky, is attentive in liberty dressage without bridle or full of spirits in a show jumping course – a stallion you can count on at all times, an absolute “all-rounder”.



  • 2013

  • EL18635/T Ashonata

  • liz.281/T Almquell

  • Gruber Hermann, Kolsaßberg

  • 152 cm

  • Kematen


Placed in equal third place at the Haflinger stallion selection of 2016 together with liz.502/T Waldfried, liz.503/T Almkönig will be cared for this year at the cover station in Hohenems by Anna Kofler. He is a very noble stallion with a very well-positioned neck, dry foundations and rhythmic movements, characteristics that he will hopefully pass on to his progeny.

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Any questions?

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