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liz.471/T Amerigo

Haflinger Breeding stallion

The current world champion in the “young breeding stallion” class won over the judging panel in individual performance testing over and over with: harmonious torso apportionment; well-positioned neck, distinctive withers that transitions into an elastic middle piece; well-shaped, strongly muscled hind quarters and a perfect position of the limbs. In the three basic gaits, Amerigo always shows sure rhythmic consistency, i.e. even movement sequences both spatially and temporally. The ground coverage when walking is above average; in the trot, Amerigo shows it to a maximum; and when cantering uphill, the period of suspension is clearly visible. In his training as a dressage horse, Amerigo already achieves lessons in the highest dressage class – a world champion stallion with an enormous dressage disposition.



  • 2010

  • 18477/T Ikaria

  • liz.390/T Alphonso

  • Auer Jochen und Silvia, Imst

  • 152 cm

  • Weltsieger Zuchthengste jung bei der Haflinger Weltausstellung 2015

  • Ebbs

Amerigo – the young world champion stallion

Named World Champion of young breeding stallions at the Haflinger World Show 2015, liz.471/T Amerigo is an Alphonso-Abendstern son. He was already a winner at the stallion selection of 2013. With an outstanding result at the stallion performance test, the stallion convinced not only in terms of breeding, but he is also a remarkable riding horse with great willingness to perform. This stallion has an unbelievable serenity, an inner calm like no other stallion. This stallion, as modern as can be imagined, displays a jumping power with a powerful upward motion that would have been inconceivable in a Haflinger just 20 years ago. With an excellent colour, a wonderful form and almost indescribable mobility, we hope that Amerigo will pass on these advantages to his progeny.

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