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liz.487/T Belando

Haflinger Breeding stallion

Belando, a gene donor from the B line, makes a major contribution to ensuring that the genetic diversity in the Haflinger breed isn’t lost. With his well-balanced, harmoniously apportioned body structure, front quarters, mid-section and hind quarters, with his expressive head and his dry limbs, he appeals to every viewer. Poise, good-naturedness and his great character essentially make up Belando’s interior – Belando, a genetically valuable and important stallion.



  • 2011

  • 18487/T Laurita

  • liz.238/T Barkas

  • Strobl Hans, Imst

  • 149 cm

  • 2023, Sold to Hans van den Berg, Netherlands

Belando – bearing the hopes of the B line

Hans Strobl from Imst achieved sustainable success by pairing his mare 18487/T Laurita, a 1514 Nabucco daughter, with the stallion liz.238/T Barkas. Thus, liz.487/T Belando is equipped with a pretty head, a good neck and a higher-than-average expanse, making him another important progenitor of the rare B line. He will be used in 2020 in Ötztal Station by Markus Kleinheinz.

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