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liz.410/T Sevruga

Haflinger Breeding stallion

Sevruga – a promising stallion from the S line

The selection winner of 2010, liz.410/T Sevruga can already claim an impressive progeny after 7 years of covering. Five selected sons and no fewer than 32 breeding mares registered in Tyrol speak for a very good breeding quality. liz.410/T Sevruga, bred in East Tyrol by Weiler Gerhard, comes from the quality and elite mare PE16964/T Balena and the stallion liz.335/T Salzmann. The tall stallion can pass on to his progeny his remarkable size, and the desired modernity with a fine foundation. Sevruga is at the Fohlenhof during the 2020 cover season.



  • 2007

  • E16964/T Balena

  • liz.335/T Salzmann

  • Weiler Gerhard, Anras

  • 154 cm

  • 217

  • Haflinger Eignungstest mit sehr gutem Erfolg

  • Siegerhengst der Körung 2010, Klassendritter Haflinger Weltausstellung 2010

  • Sold

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