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liz.350/T Stainz

Haflinger Breeding stallion

Stainz – reigning World Champion Stallion

The world champion in the breeding stallions category at the Haflinger World Show of 2015, from the quality mare PL16325/T Solvina and the honorary stallion liz.201/T Standschütz, comes from Ötztal and was bred by Leiter August in Niederthai. A stallion with an unbelievable amount of expression, excellent character and temperament, equipped with a very good front end that is closed and compact, and furnished with an energetic, elastic trot. Stainz passes on not only his size, fine foundation and gait dynamic to his progeny. He will be used as a cover stallion at the Fohlenhof in Ebbs in 2020.



  • 2004

  • L16325/T Solvina

  • liz.201/T Standschütz

  • Leiter August, Niederthai

  • 149 cm

  • 320

  • Haflinger Eignungstest mit ausgezeichnetem Erfolg

  • Weltsieger Zuchthengste bei der Haflinger Weltausstellung 2015

  • Ebbs

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