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liz.472/T Sternwächter

Haflinger Breeding stallion

Sternwächter – the young sport professional

As reserve selection winner in 2013, winning stallion among the 3-5 year old stallions at the stallion show of 2013, and category third at the Haflinger World Show of 2015, liz.472/T Sternwächter has already enjoyed considerable success. In force years of covering, this stallion has completed more than 300 covers. This speaks for a top hereditary performance, which can be seen in the well-proportioned, modern progeny, with good forequarters and pretty hind limbs. Due to his willingness to learn and perform, Sternwächter was used in tournament sports from the early age of four. In 2019 he will be at the Weer cover station with Anneliese Kirchmair, not only for covering, but also in training for more tournaments.



  • 2010

  • EL17357/T Maurina

  • liz.350/T Stainz

  • Rauth Hermann, Leutsch

  • 152 cm

  • sold to Germany

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Any questions?
Any questions?

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