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liz.510/T Stratos

Haflinger Breeding stallion

Stratos comes quite close to the breeding goal of the Haflinger breed. His exterior is virtually flawless. His clear, rich basic colour and necessary gender expression, his noble head and clear eyes, good throat latch and favourably placed long, tapered neck. The stallion also features pronounced withers, well-placed shoulder section with long upper arm and a harmonious upper line with flowing transitions. In addition, he has long, strongly-muscled hind quarters, and the correct position of the limbs ensures correctness of gait. His gait quality is above average in all three basic gaits – a stallion with a great future.



  • 2014

  • L19316/T Cinja

  • liz.411/T Stilton

  • Bernhart Raimund, Prutz

  • 153 cm

  • Körungssieger der Haflinger Hengstkörung 2017

  • Fohlenhof Ebbs


A charming stallion, despite the large frame a light stallion with a pretty head, well-positioned neck, a good rump distribution between the fore-, mid- and hindquarters, Stratos impresses with fine foundations and rhythmic, regulated movements in the three basic gaits. Stratos was bred by Bernhart Raimund from Prutz and comes from the mare L19316/T Cinja and the stallion liz.411/T Stilton.

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Any questions?

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