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liz.412/T Walzertraum

Haflinger Breeding stallion

The premium stallion Walzertraum boasts of some “high-class” offspring and has excellent exterior features. Starting with his expressive head, well-formed, tapered neck; pronounced withers reaching far into his back; elastic mid-section with smooth connection to the hind quarters; correct position of the limbs and ground covering movements with a great deal of lightness in the three basic gaits. The uphill canter allows the stallion an enormous jumping capacity that he always knows how to use – a cocky stallion with an enormous jumping capacity.



  • 2007

  • EL17099/T Abba

  • liz.280/T Wolfgang

  • Gruber Hermann, Kolsaßberg

  • 155 cm

  • 176

  • Haflinger Eignungstest mit ausgezeichnetem Erfolg

  • Drittplatzierter Körung 2010, Klassensieger u. Gesamtsieger Jugend Haflinger Weltausstellung 2010, 1. Platz Haflinger Eignungstest 2011, Gesamtreservesiegerhengst Verbandshengstschau 2011,

  • Fohlenhof Ebbs

Walzertraum – the youth winner at the Haflinger World Show of 2010

liz.412/T Walzertraum was born in the stables of Hermann Gruber from Kolsaßberg. Originating from the quality and elite mare PE17099/T Abba and the cover stallion liz.280/T Wolfgang, he displays much charm, modernity and rhythmic movement to the viewer. This also convinced the jury at the 2010 Haflinger World Show, which is why he was deservedly named the youth winner of that show. To his progeny, consisting of five sins selected in Tyrol and 25 registered breeding mares, he has passed on a purity of colour and modernity, in combination with size and modern riding horse points. In 2020 Walzertraum will be used for covering in Kuchl.

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