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liz.500/T Winterzauber

Haflinger Breeding stallion

Winterzauber has extremely favourable exterior qualities that flow harmoniously from the forehand up to the hind quarters. This includes his long, well-placed, tapered neck with a good head attachment. The flawless front quarters with pronounced withers and favourable placement of the shoulder section up to the long upper arm with elbow room provide the stallion with the necessary freedom of movement. This as well as the thrust from his strongly muscled hind quarters ensure excellent movements in the three basic gaits – Winterzauber is a true movement artist.



  • 2013

  • PE18276/T Aisha

  • liz.412/T Walzertraum

  • Haflinger Pferdezuchtverband Tirol

  • 151 cm

  • Sieger bei der Haflinger Hengstkörung 2016

  • 2023 sold to Hohlmatt Farm - Familie Ringler, France


The winning stallion at the Haflinger stallion selection of 2016 was born at Fohlenhof Ebbs. Originating from the quality elite mare PE18276/T Aisha and the stallion liz.412/T Walzertraum, Winterzauber is a very characteristic stallion, with strong expressiveness, lots of charm and nobility, while his very dry head fits harmoniously to the overall image. The perfectly positioned neck enables good cheek freedom and the long shoulder and fitting length of the upper limb means that there is sufficient shoulder freedom, which in turn produces a good connection from the fore- to the midquarters. This stallion is also characterised by pure rhythm, expansiveness, and the thrust from the correctly angled and active hindquarters, and is certainly a deserved winner of this age group. Used as a cover stallion at Längenfeld

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