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liz.601/T Berggraf

Haflinger Breeding stallion

Berggraf is a large-framed, extremely modern, light young stallion from the B-line. He has a lot of sexual expression, a well-set tapered neck and well-positioned shoulders with pronounced withers. His conformation and topline with fine transitions round off the stallion's overall conformation.
of the stallion. His movements in walk and trot are pure, with a lot of diligence, impulsion and strong ground coverage.

liz.601/T Berggraf


  • 2021

  • E20450/T Duana

  • liz.487/T Belando PrH

  • Haflinger Pferdezuchtverband Tirol

  • 154 cm

  • Ebbs

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Any questions?
Any questions?

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