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liz.519/T Sonnwendstein

Haflinger Breeding stallion


A young stallion with a square form from the S line, with fine foundations, an expressive head and harmonious transitions, the rich basic colour and the descent from the S line are remarkable. A full brother of Sonnwendstein is the stallion liz.485/T Similaun, which operates cover in Belgium. The father of the two stallions, liz.410/T Sevruga, can already boast five selected stallions. The mother of Sonnwendstein and Similaun, 18097/T Constanze-Rofen, is owned by Franz Klotz in Vent.



  • 2014

  • 18097/T Constanze-Rofen

  • liz.410/T Sevruga

  • Klotz Franz, Vent

  • 151 cm

  • Haflinger Hengstkörung 2017

  • Pfunds

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Any questions?
Any questions?

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