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liz.581/T Sternengold

Haflinger Breeding stallion

Sternengold is one of the ultra-modern Haflinger stallions in a class of his own with strong conformation. Equipped with many riding horse points, such as freedom of the gait, light, long, tapered neck, flowing transitions from neck-withers-back-loin to hindquarters. His head is expressive with the necessary sexual expression and a clear, attentive eye. His movements in the three basic gaits are remarkable, with Sternengold showing not only correctness but also enormous gait quality with above-average scope. The walk is hard-working, the trot lively with a visible suspension phase and the canter balanced, full-bodied with an uphill tendency.



  • 2019

  • PE18635/T Ashonata

  • liz.472/T Sternwächter

  • Gruber Hermann, Kolsaßberg

  • 152 cm

  • Fohlenhof Ebbs

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Any questions?
Any questions?

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