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liz.411/T Stilton

Haflinger Breeding stallion

On account of his numerous excellent progeny, the 14-year-old stallion Stilton can already be called a “trademark stallion”. A trademark stallion is a gene donor who passes on his excellent exterior and interior qualities to his progeny, i.e. he puts his “mark” on them. He not only captivates all owing to his charm and character but owing to his expressive head, harmonious torso apportionment with flowing transitions from front quarters to mid-section to hind quarters as well. The correct position of the limbs allows him to perform correct movement sequences – a premium stallion that has had a long-term influence on Haflinger breeding.



  • 2007

  • E17005/T Davos

  • liz.266/T Straden

  • Fam. Pfausler - Roppen

  • 154 cm

  • 199

  • Haflinger Eignungstest mit sehr gutem Erfolg.

  • Reservesieger Hengstkörung 2010, Klassenreservesieger u. Gesamtreservesieger Jugend Haflinger Weltausstellung 2010.

  • Kuchl

Stilton – a harmonious stallion

The overall reserve winning stallion in the youth category at the Haflinger World Show of 2010 was once again successful at the 2015 World Show, with his long withers, pronounced joints, and a stable and dry foundation. liz.411/T Stilton was bred by the Pfausler family from Roppen. His parents, the quality and elite mare PE17005/T Davos and the stallion liz.266/T Straden are already world-famous among breeders. Among the advantages he passes on to his progeny are his size, the noble head, a very fine and correct foundation and the distinctive withers. liz.411/T Stilton will be used this year at the Station in Pfunds.

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Any questions?

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