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Regulations for admission

1) General information
The Haflinger World Show is an event under the patronage of the World Haflinger Breeding and Sports Federation (WHBSF). As decided by the WHBSF General Assembly on 23 September 2016, the Haflinger Breeders' Association Tyrol (HPT) will be in charge of organising and hosting the 2020 Haflinger World Show.

2) Host and venue
Host: Haflinger Breeders' Association Tyrol (Haflinger Pferdezuchtverband Tirol/HPT), Schlossallee 27-29, 6341 Ebbs, Austria Venue: Fohlenhof Ebbs stud farm, Schlossallee 27-29, 6341 Ebbs, Austria Date: 21 to 24 May 2020

3) Type of event
The Haflinger World Show is an event for Haflinger horse breeders. All horses are presented in hand (halter class) and evaluated individually. It is at the host's discretion to establish and present horse groups (progeny/filiation etc.).

4) Regulations for admission
The regulations for admission will be published in the magazines "Haflinger Pferde" and "Haflinger Info" as well as online at and All WHBSF member organisations will receive a digital copy of the regulations for admission.

5) Eligibility
Only horses registered in a stud book held by a WHBSF member organisation are eligible to take part:
- officially selected (licensed) Haflinger stallions aged three to four
- officially selected (licensed) Haflinger stallions aged five and over that have successfully completed the performance tests for stallions
- young Haflinger mares aged one to three
- Haflinger mares with foals at foot
- Haflinger mares without foals

6) Number of eligible horses
Each member organisation will be allocated a contingent of entries based on the size of its horse population and notified of how many horses it may enter. If one organisation does not use up its entire contingent, the remainder of the entries will be assigned – based on their horse population – to other organisations that have expressed an interest in obtaining more entries. Of a maximum 600 possible entries in total, 300 horses may be entered by the host.

7) Registration and team leaders (chefs d'équipe)
To register a horse, WHBSF member organisations must contact the host directly and submit a copy of the horse's passport including details of at least six preceding generations. If a pregnant mare is to be registered, the sire of the foal must be indicated. The results of the successfully completed performance test for stallions must be submitted for all stallions aged five and over.
Each member organisation must designate a team leader (chef d'équipe) who will act as the organisation's official representative.
The deadlines for submission are as follows:
- 21 September 2019: number of horses to be registered per member organisation
- 21 September 2019: name of designated team leader (chef d'équipe)
- 21 February 2020: list containing all horses' names and their owners

8) Inspection of the participating horses
Prior to the Show, all horses must be inspected by a person appointed by the member organisation that registers them.

9) Judging of the horses
All horses will be judged individually in the triangle by a team of nationally recognised judges, appointed by the WHBSF. The evaluation method applied will be the so-called 11-point system (one overall grade based on 11 individual criteria). A grand jury will watch over the proceedings and methods.

10) Registration fee
The registration fee, which includes the competition fee, roughage (hay and/or straw) and accommodation in stables, amounts to € 250 per horse. HPT members in Tyrol (A) will pay a reduced registration fee (€ 220) since they will be required to support the Show with labour and manpower. The member organisations must collect all registration fees and transfer them to the host by 15 March 2020. The individual registrations will only be valid upon receipt of the applicable fee; late registrations cannot be accepted. In case of cancellation after 01 April 2020 or failure to attend the event, the registration fee cannot be refunded.

11) Insurance
The host is not liable for any damage whatsoever; public liability insurance cover must be obtained for all horses. In addition, accident insurance cover can be provided for participating horses; please contact the host for further information.

12) Horse accommodation
All horses will be stabled in box stalls: The mares will be accommodated in stable tents divided into categories and countries. Stallions will be put up in separate stables.
All participants take part at their own risk.
Please note that, for the horses' benefit, all stable tents and stables will remain strictly closed between 22:00 and 06:00 and will not be accessible to horse owners, participants or anyone else.

13) Arrival and departure
All transportation must be in accordance with Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport. A Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES) certificate or a health attestation as set forth in Annex II of Council Directive 2009/156/EC must be provided for all horses arriving from outside of Austria. All transportation expenses incurred must be paid for by the participants. Due to strict veterinary requirements, horses may only be delivered between 10:00 and 20:00 on Tuesday 19 May and Wednesday 20 May 2020. No arrivals will be admitted outside of these hours and no exceptions will be made. Departures are scheduled from Sunday 24 May 2020 after the end of the event at approx. 15:00 and must be concluded by Monday 25 May 2020 at 12:00.

14) Veterinary requirements and horse shoeing
The applicable veterinary requirements will be examined and monitored by the official event veterinarians Dr Josef Kössler and Dr Matthias Vill. All participating horses must be equipped with a valid vaccination against Equine Influenza and the Equine abortion virus (primary vaccination course or latest booster administered no later than six months prior to the Show). Furthermore, proof of a recent COGGINS test to certify that each horse is free from EIA (Equine Infectious Anaemia; test results are valid for one year) will be required for horses arriving from outside of Austria.
All horse passports must be handed over before entering the venue grounds. A pre-delivery vet check will be carried out upon arrival. Any horse showing signs of illness or disease will be excluded from the Show and banned from entering the venue grounds.
Please note that hind shoes are strictly forbidden. All horses with shoed hind hooves will be rejected during the pre-delivery vet check.

15) Cross-border entry requirements
Where applicable, information on the requirements to be met in order to enter Austria will be provided by the host in a separate communication.

16) Additional requirements
Taking photos and making video recordings is only permitted for personal use.
A selection of press representatives and photographers will be accredited by the host.
By registering, all participants declare that they do not object to having video recordings and photographs taken of themselves, their representatives and their horses (General Data Protection Regulation/GDPR).
All publishing rights are owned by the HPT.
Smoking in the stable tents, stables and any other indoor facility is strictly forbidden.
Dogs must be kept on a lead on the entire venue grounds. If possible, please avoid bringing dogs to the Show.
Camping is strictly forbidden anywhere on the venue grounds.
The host reserves the right to grant or deny access to the premises and to exercise any other property right.
Subject to change.

These regulations for admission to the 2020 Haflinger World Show were approved by unanimous decision by the HPT and WHBSF Board of Directors.